The Web Sprite Social Media Support Package

Elemental Level   £20 per week


This package is ideal for those who wish to increase their reach on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest but can’t seem to find the time to make it happen. It is designed to facilitate your engagement on Social Media without the stress of being online all the time.


What you will get:

  • 3 scheduled Facebook posts per day to your page Monday to Sunday
  • 3 scheduled Tweets to your Twitter Account per day Monday to Sunday
  • The Web Sprite’s Social Media Marketing Planner as an Excel file for you to easily enter the information you wish to share.


What you will need to do:

Decide what you wish to post on each platform for each week; you can use the same info or different info if you have your Facebook and Twitter account connected so that one posts to the other. You can do this for the whole month ahead if you prefer and use the planner that will be provided.

Each month check your calendar for upcoming appropriate dates/holidays e.g. Mother’s Day, Easter Etc. Decide which products, services or blog posts you wish to promote in the days beforehand

Include any #Hashtags you’d like to use on Twitter and mention any campaigns you would specifically like to target that month i.e. #WomenInbusiness, #SBS, #StaffordshireHour etc. so that I can schedule the right content to tweet at the right time of week/day.


Points to remember

Posting regularly on your Facebook page and your twitter account can help your reach.

Studies suggest that around 75% social and/or sharing posting and 25% Sales posting can work quite well for a lot of business. Too many sales posts and people switch off. Please bear this in mind when you decide on your content.

This package is ideal for people who wish they had the time or could remember to post regularly on Social Media.

If you gain interaction from the posts/tweets/pins, you are more likely to log onto your account and interact.

It can serve as a prompt for you to engage when you have the time while getting on with the rest of your working day, safe in the knowledge that your content is being shared even when you are busy doing other things.

Please remember that ensuring regular posting to your social media accounts is not the only part of this process.

It helps if you engage with your audience so it is up to you to engage with your audience.

It is up to you to share your Facebook posts on your personal profile and/or in groups of your choosing.

All this for only £20 per week with a minimum of a 4 week sign up.




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